Sharing Large Files, Secure File Sharing, Transfer Large Files
  • Secure File Sharing

    Our unparalleled security safely and securely allows you to easily share content with clients or friends and associates without sending files to sit somewhere in the Cloud. Share files with only the people you designate without having to worry about unauthorized access.

  • Sharing Large Files?

    We all know that sending large files can be a problem. Share multi-gigabyte media files or collections of sensitive files easily and securely. We take care of the security allowing you to share these directly with one or more recipients without the use of the Cloud.
  • Need a File Now?

    Have you ever needed a file where you are now? Move files between a mobile device, tablet, laptop or pc. Retrieve files from your devices easily and securely from anywhere.
  • Sync File Folders

    Synchronize files or folders of files by creating “Sync Groups”. Automatically control the sharing and synchronization of files and folders between any Windows PC and/or OS X devices in your account.
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Welcome to GetMeMyFiles

We make sending, sharing and synchronizing files easy and secure.

News: New version of GetMeMyFiles is just around the corner...stay posted!

Transfer Files

Now you can transfer all your content to and from any of your devices, any time and any place. From Android Phone and Tablet, iPhone, iPad, Mac or PC any combination of these devices.

Using the remote control feature you can control any device allowing you to get files as well as send. Since your files stay on your devices and not in the cloud, transfers are fast and ultra secure.

Share Files

Sharing files is as easy as sending to an email address. Unlike email this is a ultra secure transaction with no file size limitation with your designated recipient.

You also do not post files to a cloud service or need to worry about access security. GetMeMyFiles establishes an encrypted point-to-point connection for secure delivery of your files to only the recipients you select.

Sync Files

Create multiple “Sync Groups” where each group controls the sharing and synchronization of the folders of your choosing between any of the PC and/or OS X devices in your account.

Simply click on the ”Sync Folders” button to start creating a Sync Group. After a few simple steps your Sync Group will be created. Step-by-step instructions may be found in the Tutorials Section.

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